SYLA STUDIO hosts digital exhibitions as well as online residencies for artists, writers, and curators. To submit a pitch, please view our guidelines then click the button below. Feel free to explore our installments for inspiration or context. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.  Pitches will be evaluated according to relevance, please note that not all submissions will be published, however, we do encourage you to submit in the future. Submissions will receive editorial guidance, if needed, with the intent of framing the best piece possible.

submission guidelines.

VISUAL SUBMISSIONS include photography, video, film, visual poetry and mixed media content. Please include a pitch, at least four images with captions, date of creation, medium, description of submitted series/piece(s) and any additional applicable information. Please include full name, current location, a brief bio (200 words or less) and any sentiments or links pertaining to the work.

LITERARY SUBMISSIONS include fiction and non fiction, critiques, interviews, reflective + exploratory essays and poetry. Please include a pitch, full name, current location, a brief bio (200 words or less) and any sentiments or links pertaining to the work.


deadline: July 20, 2020

please note: we are not yet able to provide monetary compensation though we are avidly working towards doing so. SYLA STUDIO is a single person operation and uses all revenue to sustain its operations and projects.


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