joy as new default

by lyds

i used to bend my body into a crown of
thorns, waltz in a straight line.
i thought it meant God & i were on good terms.
but now we only speak at 1am with my
palms stretched, eyes upwards, lips in song
dancing — dancing & dancing & dancing;
filled with amber in abundance.
this dat pressed down,
running over typa joy
won at the end of wars like folktales
declares modesty fi dead!
that soaks; seeks to irrigate & set free.
dark side of the moon? nah babes,
i am the black gold of the su-u-u-un
& no one can teef that from me.

for sticks x stones: reprogramming the mind exhibition

this little poem is a love letter to the moments of personal liberation; when music is playing, lights are low & the body is moving how it wants to. it feels as if all parts of you are at one, for once. I’ve spent so much of life feeling restricted, as if i was unable to breath but that likkle moment of joy set me free.

lyds is a London based poet & writer who predicates her work on radical honesty, vulnerability, precision and the sacred. her poetry has been published by AFROPUNK, sweetthangzine and Kandaka, and has been exhibited at 198 Contemporary Gallery & AMP London. she is currently studying a masters in Black British Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London. she regularly performs across London and is of Krio Sierra Leonean heritage.



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