As Bright As Yellow

Manifesto: Yellow as a survival tool Brightness for the melanin skin in a sea of whiteness. Bright for living. Bright for strength. Bright for power. Bright for caution. Bright for those who are no longer with us. Bright for love & feeling loved. Bright for the sun. Bright for the complexities of blackness. Bright for preserving our stories. Bright for support & safety & care. Bright for sweetness during the hardest times. Bright for chosen family. Bright for making. Bright for us all being mixed up. Bright for feeling supported. Bright for anger & for resisting. Bright for all the incredible work Q.T.P.O.C. (Queer, Trans, People of Color) are doing right now, they are doing all the work. Bright for the mothers resisting and the youth resisting. Bright for the fact that we are dying everyday & bright for the folks fighting against the system. Bright for safe spaces. Bright for queering it all, all the time. Bright for feeling rested. Bright for recording & archiving the stories of black and brown bodies. Bright for knowing those stories by heart. Bright for telling those stories to our future generations. Bright for living in a world that is hard to live in.

Bright for this future universe, that is now. As bright as yellow.

by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

Storyteller 1, 2017, Photographed by Azha Luckman, Digital

Storyteller 2, 2017, Photographed by Azha Luckman, Digital

Storyteller 3, 2017, Photographed by Azha Luckman, Film

Storyteller 4, 2017, Photographed by Azha Luckman, Film

Additional info:

Costume by Maya Gulassi

Makeup by Samantha Espinoza

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo is an artist, arts educator, activist, storyteller & curator who lives and works in Oakland, California. Branfman-Verissimo’s work is informed by her commitment to craft and community, her engagement with society, and interests in storytelling and cultural geography. Branfman-Verissimo received her BFA from California College of the Arts. She has had solo exhibitions at Deli Gallery in Long Island City, NY, Lago Projects and E.M. Wolfman in Oakland, and Bolivar Gallery in Los Angeles. Her work has been included in exhibitions and performances at Betti Ono Gallery, Root Division, Deli Gallery, Southern Exposure, SFMOMA, Kala Art Institute, Osaka Art University, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and Highways Performance Space, to name a few. Lukaza was a Yozo Hamaguchi fellow at Kala Art Institute in 2015 and has been a visiting artist at the College of Design, Architecture, Art Practice at University of Cincinnati, at New York University, at California College of the Arts and at Mills College. She is the co-founder and lead curator at Nook Gallery.


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