Black Bits
by Azul Aghatise

Black Bits is my visual meditation on the impact technology is currently having on interpersonal communication and connection. The series is informed by the different systems employed by digital networks to communicate information and images, particularly the packaging of data into bits. Through these works, I attempt to draw a parallel between digital and human communication. Transmuting portraits into singular "data bits", I am exploring what lessons digital structures have to offer us in terms of information relay and retention. Conceptually, my perspective resides in a void and my work illuminates that space. This informed the juxtaposition of the portraits and the negative space they stand in front of, emphasizing the “bits” as luminous blocks of color. I chose to scan sourced black objects, distorting their texture and appearance to display the murky undertones of the void from which they manifest.

Alvin, 2019, digital collage, Brooklyn, New York

CJ, 2019, digital collage, Brooklyn, New York

Jaylen, 2019, digital collage, Brooklyn, New York

Lue, 2019, digital collage, Brooklyn, New York

Taylor, 2019, digital collage, Brooklyn, New York

Tyler, 2019, digital collage, Brooklyn, New York

The series acts both as my form of liberation, and resistance. The conceptual foundation of the series draws influence from digital networks and their means of communication and connection. I am finding parallels between the evolving structures and modes that technology and humans are currently utilizing to relay information, learning how each mirror different aspects of the other. Transforming portraits of my subjects into my version of data, black bits, I liberate their image and craft it into a new form. My series is a practice of agency, self-determination of our image in the context of now, and exploration into a new mode of portraiture. My resistance to the current moment, and liberation within the current moment, comes in the form of a black bit. 


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